Support during your apprenticeship

Everyone needs support from time to time. We've pulled together sources of information, advice and support that you can call on any time during your apprenticeship.

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Fair working conditions

Wherever you're employed, your working conditions should always be fair. Find out more about fair work while you're working as an apprentice in Scotland.


Disability support

Find sources of disability support while you're working as an apprentice in Scotland. Includes funding, free travel and companies who can support you to get or stay in work.


Money and funding

Apprenticeships allow you to work for an employer and earn a wage. If you have any questions about money or funding, we've got useful information to help you out.


Support for care-experienced apprentices

If you have experience of the care system, there’s support out there for you when you're working as an apprentice in Scotland.


Next steps, jobs and careers

What are your next steps after your complete your apprenticeship? There are lots of options including college, uni or a paid apprenticeship job. Find out what you could do next!

Mental health support

Our Mental Health resource for apprentices will help you find resources and tips to help your mental health. We've listed organisations that can help you and there’s information about how your employer can support you.  

The document Mental health and wellbeing support for apprentices offers tips on keeping mentally well, and a ‘5 steps to wellbeing’ personal plan.

Who supports me during my apprenticeship?

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These are the main people or groups who support you during your apprenticeship.


Your employer employs you as a member of staff. They're responsible for your employment contract, pay and pension. Your employer must make sure your working conditions are fair and legal and support you during your apprenticeship.

Learning provider

Your learning provider could be a private company, a college or a university. They deliver the learning for your qualification, with learning resources for units and modules. They assess your work and support you during your apprenticeship.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS)

SDS manages the funding for your apprenticeship. When you start your apprenticeship you’ll get a welcome email from SDS about our role and how we’ll contact you. Your learning provider will complete paperwork with you and explain their role and SDS's role.

Having a tough time?

If you have a difficult issue, you’ll want to know who can help.  

For example, you might be struggling with coursework or there could be a tricky issue at work. 

The first thing to do is to speak to your employer or your learning provider. If the issue is about your employer or learning provider, or they can’t help, you can contact Skills Development Scotland: 

  • Use our contact form to send us a secure, confidential message 

  • Phone our team on 0800 917 8000 for support with apprenticeship questions

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Get inspiration from other apprentices

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Viktoryia's story

Viktoryia had all the grades to go to university but was keen to learn on the job and gain experience working within the engineering world. To do that, a Modern Apprenticeship was the best way forward.


Goudham's story

Goudham is getting hands-on industry experience at BBC Scotland's headquarters in Glasgow. After completing a Foundation Apprenticeship, he moved onto a Graduate Apprenticeship, working and earning a degree.