Graduate Apprenticeships

Learn while you earn and get a degree

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How does a Graduate Apprenticeship work?

As a Graduate Apprentice, you’ll:

  • work, earn and learn – you'll be employed by a company

  • study for part of your week at university

  • get an Ordinary or Master’s degree

  • combine work and study for 2 to 5 years 

  • choose from 13 different apprenticeships


A Graduate Apprenticeship is a brilliant way to get a degree and get paid – you'll:

  • earn a wage while you learn

  • get a mix of work and uni life

  • gain valuable workplace skills

  • increase your confidence, resilience and social skills

  • work with a wide range of people

  • understand your interests and talents

  • enhance your career opportunities

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What apprenticeship could you do?

There are 13 types of Graduate Apprenticeship. Some examples are:

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