Foundation Apprenticeship



This Foundation Apprenticeship gives pupils an introduction to the skills that will help them move into an exciting and varied career in hospitality.

Entry requirements

Pupils will select a Foundation Apprenticeship as part of their subject choices at school. They'll then go through a recruitment process arranged by the college or learning provider. Pupils are expected to have an interest in the sector. No formal qualifications are required for entry.

Progression and development

Pupils will develop the right skills to move from a Foundation Apprenticeship to a Modern Apprenticeship. They may decide to continue their education in school or at college.

Are you looking to hire? A Foundation Apprenticeship helps you to spot talented pupils and assess their skills over a longer period than an interview.

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How does it work?

Your role

As an employer, you decide what level of involvement you have in the Foundation Apprenticeship programme. You can discuss this with the learning provider you’re working with.

The project

Pupils from S3 to S6 can choose this Foundation Apprenticeship as one of their school subjects.

During the apprenticeship pupils will work together on a project to meet a brief provided by a real-life client. Employers will be supported by learning professionals to provide a series of planned interventions. These will support:

  • design, delivery and evaluation of the project

  • the learner’s understanding of an industry and the job roles in the sector

Cost and funding

There’s no financial cost to you as an employer because the learner is still at school. But investing your time can bring you lasting rewards, with talented young people in your workplace.

How long will it take?

It should take 1 year. Pupils study a Level 4/5 Foundation Apprenticeship as one of their school subjects, at S3 and up to S6.

What's next

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